razin polymer


Having valuable experience with regard to polyamide compounds led us to develop our products in various applications. Razamid products are available in reinforced and unreinforced grades, both of which can come in impact modified, heat or UV stabilized grades with low specific weight, high melting point, excellent impact strength, chemical and abrasion resistance. Having exclusive […]



Razaplus is referred to a new range of products in Razin Polymer company which includes a variety of polymer based masterbatches, which are technically developed for the market demands in order to meet all costumers’ needs in various applications. For further technical information and purchasing Razaplus products, please find our contact details on contact us […]



Razalen is referred to various types of polypropylene compounds which are widely used in different applications. In order to achieve balance in desirable properties according to market demands, Razalens are reinforced with materials such as rubbers, modifiers, glass fibers and minerals available in different grades and colors. Razalen combines excellent heat and  abrasion resistance, as […]



In response to manufacturers needs considering thermoplastic elastomers, Razin Polymer introduces a new group of products, known as Razaflex. This group of our products includes various grades of TPE, each of which differs in hardness, physical and mechanical properties in order to meet manufacturers needs in domestic and foreign industries. Please find contact details on […]



Razadur thermoplastic polyester resins are based on Ploybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). All grades in this range of our products have easy processability, proper viscosity, along with exclusive physical and mechanical properties including stiffness, toughness and heat resistance, friction and wear resistance, electrical insulation characteristics, and also high arc resistance. Please find contact […]



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